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Quincy Larson
Founder of FreeCodeCamp
The new platform is well-built and progressing fast. Thanks for everything you all are doing for the global developer community.
Alyze Sam
Co-Founder/Director at
Give Nation
Hacker Noon is a collection of highly intelligent STEM nerds passionately sharing their findings on a simply brilliant platform. It’s my ‘go-to’ for tech edu-tainment.
Sherman Lee
Founder of Raven Protocol
The best hacker and developer publication on the planet!

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What Our Subscribers Say
Brian Wallace
President at NowSourcing
In my mind, Hacker Noon has changed the game on how the world should understand hackers.  It's the exemplar of curiosity on how hackers start their afternoons.
Ax Sharma
Security Researcher, Engineer & Tech Columnist
When you want to get the best tech stories which interest you, I look nowhere but the Tech Brief!
Daniel Jeffries
Author, Futurist, Systems Architect, Public Speaker & Pro Blogger
Hacker Noon is still the only magazine I read every week. It gives me the best and most varied tech stories on the internet today by a huge margin.
Michal Maléř
Red Hat Technical Writer
Best platform for technological content!
Data Scientist
I love how there are so many great tutorials available on your site without a paywall.
Abhigyan Tiwari
Software Dev at Codemastr
At Hacker Noon I always get what I want at every breakfast.